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Personalised Balloons

Staffordshire Parties and Balloon Boutique by C'est Chic Events

We can personalise your balloons with any quote or logo you require.

contact us to find out how we can bring your ideas to life. 

Bubble Balloons

Who doesn't love a bubble balloon, filled with lovely feathers, confetti, or mini balloons, it makes a perfect gift.

Just this one single balloon can make a real statement alone, and is especially great when personalised with a message, such as a 'Happy Birthday' wish  or asking for someone to be your Bridesmaid.

We have sold a lot of these balloons personalised with logos for shops and salon launches.

LED Balloons

Our LED balloons look amazing, especially in a slightly darkened room, and they look particularly great scattered around on a dancefloor.

They come in both a multicolour and a clear option, and will stay afloat with helium for approximately 24 hours.

These balloons are also available filled with air for a longer lasting balloon, and then placed on a stick, which is perfect for little ones who absolutely love these balloons.

General Ballooney Stuff

Arches & Event Balloons

Balloons are getting more and more popular by the day, and its no wonder with all the amazing creations that can be achieved.

We love wowing people at large events with our fabulous displays and balloon arches.


We can make large arches, table arches, organic arches, and moon gate arches too, plus we can even incorporate personalisation and flowers to add that extra special touch.

Just contact us with your ideas and we can discuss how we can bring your event to life.

Foil Balloons

Please be aware that helium filled foil balloons are affected by our lovely cold weather and may shrink whilst in transport, but not to worry because as soon as they are back in the warmth they will return to their glorious original selves.

11 inch Latex Balloons

Your standard Helium filled Latex balloons will float for approximately 12 hours.



Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons look lovely, however they will go cloudy after approximately 12 hours.

24inch Bubble Balloons

Bubble balloons can last up to 4 weeks, but this can all depend on how much filling they have inside, for example if you want your balloon crammed with feathers, balloons and confetti they may only float for up to a week. 

We can of course advise on this and on what works best.

3ft Latex Balloons

These can last approximately 2-3 days

Sharp Objects

Okay, so this may seem obvious, but keep your balloons away from sharp objects, which includes things you may not even think about like artexed ceilings (I learnt the hard way)

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